Standby, Oil and Gas, and Agricultural Generators by Taylor Power Systems


We Service all generator makes and models!

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Taylor Power offers preventive maintenance service plans for all major brands of industrial standby generators. We can provide a custom service plan for all of your generator makes and models in accordance with the appropriate service manual specification. We check the 41 most critical points that effect the reliability of a generator system. 40+ Point Inspection

Optional Services

1.) Load Bank Testing - Using a Load Bank tester which simulates a load, the generator will be tested to see if it is producing power to specifications (standard test is for 1 hr)

2.) Transfer Switch Testing - Ensures the proper operation and compliance of your equipment.

3.) Fuel Polishing - Cleaning of valuable fuel source to ensure proper operation of generator unit.

4.) Additional Visual Inspection and Run Test - Offering that extra insurance that a unit is ready to deliver. Customers set the desired frequency. (Ex. Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annually)

5.) Fuel Sample Analysis - For oil, fuel and coolant

WHY is fuel polishing needed?

Fuel stored for 6 months or more will degrade naturally, accumulate water from condensation, and grow bacteria (among other things). Many things can accumulate inside an unused diesel tank causing the diesel to turn to sludge. Stagnate diesel can become an unreliable fuel source creating an unreliable generator power source.

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