Taylor Power T15U Brochure

Standard Features CustomPerkins TRU 404F-22G, 2.2L Engine, vertical inline 4-cycle, water-cooled, naturally aspirated, mechanical governor, 1500/1800RPM, 0.5% speed regulation 15kWMAC generator, self-regulated, polybutadiene coating, cast aluminum frame and fan, double-sealed bearings, 500% short circuit excitation protection 80, 50 or 30 gallon (303, 189, or 114 liter) aluminum fuel tank, lightweight construction Easy access service points, service doors with battery assistance access, 3,000 hour service interval Dry element air filter Steel and aluminum powder-coated construction for durability and weight savings, stainless steel hardware Forklift pockets for easy mounting, removal & storage ECU-840R digital controller, load-based 1500/1800 RPM frequency adjustment, differential 3-phase AC voltage sensing, heated LCD screen, LED status lights, fully epoxy encapsulated, UV & weather resistant, upgradeable firmware, internal system diagnostics, oil pressure, coolant level & coolant temperature shutdowns, real-time kW, KVA, frequency, load percentage, oil pressure, coolant temperature, fuel level, battery voltage & engine hours monitoring, zero power consumption when off, engine-off hourmeter, battery voltage & fuel level status check Easy access 32 amp receptacle with spring loaded cap, weather resistant circuit breaker 35 amp extreme duty, weatherproof battery charger for superior battery performance, sealed anodized aluminum enclosure, integral heat sink, maintenance-free battery Custom build & design options available to meet any specifications or requirements Weight with 80 Gallon Tank: 1,468 lbs (665 kg) 50 Gallon Tank: 1,453 lbs (659 kg) 30 Gallon Tank: 1,448 lbs (657 kg) 30.63 in 778.00 mm 68.75 in 1746.25 mm 53.70 in 1363.98 mm TAYLOR POWER SYSTEMS 947 INDUSTRIAL PARK DRIVE CLINTON, MS 39056 800-748-9980 WWW.TAYLORPOWER.COM 03/18